Posted by: Scand Seafoods 2018-05-03 11:49:17
Subject: Payment
С прошлого года не можем получить оплату. Рейс сделан без претензий. На связь перестали выходить!
Company name Rytu-vakaru transportas
Company type Other type
Company representative person Ugnius Jurevicius
TAX/VAT payer number LT100008852818
Company registration number 302518134
Country Lithuania
Address Kauno g. 1, Miklusenai, Alytaus raj 3 aukstas, Lietuva
City Lietuva
Zip code
Phone +37063290008

Evaldas Sambaravicius 2018-08-09 13:38:31
Company Scand Seafoods order incasso to get them money, but they have no sent for us documents originals as is mentioned by orders. Also no paid for haulers for 8 freights to KZ as we done before, thats why they cant sent documents.This company are cheating as we order trucks for 3200-3500 Eur now haulers is calling us and trying to find how solve it as they ordered them each Truck 3800-4100 Eur . They are fraud and scam company and just writing about others.. they working with the same Estonian company as get trucks via them and no pay. All documents of them is in Economic police.

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