Posted by: PAtrick Lewandowski 2018-01-09 17:50:30
Subject: Scam/fraud/cheating
UAB Transvirosa was sold in Nov. 2017. Till this the company is using it´s former good name to STOLE CARGO. They received an order from us to transport goods to Russia. The cargo never arrived at consignee. As far we know the stolen cargo is stored in Kaunas at UAB Arkama. Till now we know about 4 other companies which are in the same situation with UAB Transvirosa as we are.
Company name UAB Transvirosa
Company type Forwarding company
Company representative person Dotas Gintautas
TAX/VAT payer number LT667885219
Company registration number 166788520
Country Lithuania
Address Siaurupio g. 8, Voverių k., Mažeikių r.
Zip code

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