Posted by: Vitaliy Pavlenko 2017-07-11 14:12:17
Subject: Payment
Address to carriers. This company has debts in an amount of 3950 euro to the company «Transport and Logistics». The debts have existed since October 2016. Replying to our payment requests the representatives of company offer excuses such as corporate restructurings. They sent us letters with confirmation of the debts to our company. As per today, we have been received an answer that the company in process of winding up. The payment of dividends will be made no sooner than October 2017. From all appearances, at its best this will be a small dole of the unpaid debts. Hereby we want to warn you about that company and the consequences which will follow while working with them. Official they use excuses as corporate restructurings, but in a simple phrase it is nothing but fraud and bankruptcy.
Company name dls Land und See Speditionsgesellschaft mbH
Company type Forwarding company
Company representative person
TAX/VAT payer number
Company registration number
Country Germany
Address Jacobstrade 1
City Siek
Zip code 22962
Phone +49(0) 41 07/87 70 -0

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